Happy to announce that I am officially an Ambassador for the Remake Global Program!

I am officially an Ambassador for the Remake Global Program! A community that woks for the future of sustainable fashion

Wear your values & buy what you believe in 

So happy and grateful to announce that I’ve been accepted as a #remakeambassador for @remakeourworld!!
Remake is a non-profit focused on making fashion a force for good. Remake is before anything else a community of fashion lovers, women rights advocates, and environmentalists on a mission to change the industry’s harmful practices on people and our planet. Being a Remake Ambassador for me means being able to get in touch with many people who share her ideals and values, be part of a network, collaborate, grow and create new projects aimed at changing the fashion system and improving the world.

I really believe we all need to make a change because it is not entirely true that ‘the suit doesn’t make the man’ because today, when there is no need, we buy what we think best represents us, our style, our personality. Instead we should buy what we believe in. We should not buy something just because it is beautiful or because it is designer but we should buy brands that represent our values, what we believe in and that have the least possible environmental impact. And I think a lot of people still need to be educated about this.

Remake is community of designers, IG addicts, feminists, storytellers, and fashion addicted all around the world. Through their channels they iam to sensibilize people to the mais themes of sustainable fashion such as their movement to increase the pay of fashion workers #PAYUP.

You can know more about the movement here.

And you can find my Remake Ambassador profile in their site here