15 platforms that will help you find the perfect sustainable garment you are looking for

All the best online platforms that will help you search and find the perfect sustainable garment you are looking respecting your ethics

The most hard part when you are searching for some sustainable garments is surely the research, because so many brands are not really transparent about their production yet. When we talk about sustainability in fashion is a complex issue but there are some question we need to ask to brands to know if they are a real sustainable advocates: Is the production sustainable in all the supply chain from the research of row materials to packaging and shipping? Is this brand fair? Do it pay fairly its fashion workers in factories? Is this brand ethic towards the planet and the animals? Do it use exotic animals leather? Is is vegan, peta approved or cruelty free? 

These are a lot of question I know and it’s not so easy to find the questions mostly because of the greenwashing in the fashion system (I talk about this here).

So as I know that this is a complicated topic here is a complete guide to all the best apps and websites where to buy sustainable fashion garments and accessories. There you can find the perfect selection of sustainable brands according to your values ​​that are recycled fabrics, vegan, ocean protection, upcycling, woman owned brands and all you are looking for.

Hope it will help you make the right choices:) 

  1. Good on you 

  Good On You is the most trusted source of sustainability ratings for fashion garments. With the Good On You app you can discover the best alternatives to your old brand, learn about ethical fashion, and get exclusive offers from the best brands. Good on you rates every brand by carefully analyzing it, relying on its impact on people, planet and animals. The review consists in a easy-to-understand rating out of five stars, from ‘We Avoid’ to ‘Great’, so it’s make your choice so easy to make. 

  1. Renoon 

Renoon was founded by a team of four Italian guys based in Amsterdam (with whom I had the pleasure of collaborating). Their CEO has been included in the Forbes 30 under 30 2021 list. Renoon Function as a search engine for sustainable fashion, you can select filters based on your values and the app will select the best choices for you. When you have made your choice you will be redirected directly to the official website of the brand where you can finalize the purchase, whether it is brand new, vintage or upcycled.

  1. Staiy

At Staiy the four Italian founders based in Berlin have created a digital fashion platform for sustainable brands. Staiy is an online marketplace for sustainable fashion, bringing together eco-friendly brands and products. Using artificial intelligence, Staiy is able to offer each user customized recommendations, creating a highly personalized shopping experience. In an effort to help people shop in a more conscious way, Berlin-based Staiy, another winner of Fashion Reboot’s startup contest for the services category, has developed an online platform ranking brands based on sustainability factors.

  1. Vinted

Vinted is an online hosting service that allows users to trade, sell and buy items on its platform with no commissions on purchases. Vinted also allows users to communicate via private messages to facilitate negotiations.

  1. Vestiare Collective

Vestiaire Collective is the first social shopping app specializing in quality, vintage and luxury second hand fashion. It was born in France in 2009 with the aim of offering people the opportunity to buy and sell second-hand luxury clothing and accessories in complete confidence. What distinguishes Vestiaire Collective from other e-commerce sites is the rigorous quality control, when you buy something it is always subjected to an authenticity check by the Vestiaire Collective team and certified with a tag.

  1. Green Chic

Green Chic was born in 2015 with the name Armadioverde and with the desire to create new, more sustainable consumption models with a positive impact on the environment and people. Where did the idea come from? Eleonora and David, the founders of Green Chic, after the birth of their children, realized that the average life of a dress was a few months. So they decided to create a project to give life to our wardrobes, reduce the consumption of resources and also save economically.

  1. Ecofashion

EcoFashion is a non-profit project developed by the Vesti la natura e was created to give visibility to artisans and small ecological, ethical and sustainable brands. The goal of ecoFashion is to help consumers find these products that we define as “aware”.

  1. Stories behind things

Stories Behind Things started as a passion project between friends Jemma Finch and Ella Grace Denton, the platform has grown into a thriving platform that celebrates the story behind what we consume celebrating the power of storytelling. Stories Behind Things prides themselves on being a solution led space that harnesses the positivity we need to create change. Their mission is to challenge people’s mindsets to a sustainable future and mindful consumption living in line with their values.

  1. Farfetch SecondLife 

Farfetch is the global platform for luxury fashion. They pay attention to the issue of sustainability from the impact of their carbon emissions to a range of measures including packaging efficiency, renewable energy and carbon offsetting Climate conscious delivery. They have a selection of Positively Conscious products, by purchasing this selection you can support pioneering brands that have made sustainable values part of their identity. In addition, Farfetch has a partnership with Good On You for the creation of the Positively Conscious label.

  1. Luisa via roma Sustainable 

LUISAVIAROMA leading company in the world of fashion and luxury and attentive to sustainability. On the site you can find the LVRSustainable section, with a careful selection of sustainable brands and special collaborations with non-profit entities, organizations and brands for the benefit of social and environmental causes. LVRSustainable promotes eco-conscious fashion taking into consideration different values: organic, vegan, fair trade, eco-friendly, female empowerment, special projects, upcycling & recycling, luxury crafts.

  1. Reve en vert

At Rêve En Vert they don’t sacrifice style for ethics. This site is a luxury retail platform for sustainable and ethical goods, that have the planet at the heart. They non only help people make the right decisions as consumers but also invite people to engage in the creation of a better world in harmony nature. “Mother Earth is our flagship store.”

  1. The good trade

Founded in Los Angeles in late 2014, The Good Trade is a leading resource and community for sustainability, slow living, and self-love. On the The Good Trade you can find the best guides, how-tos, and frequently asked questions that will help you on your journey towards more sustainable and thoughtful living from your closet, your career, or your self-care routine.

  1. Zalando Sustainable / second hand 

Everyone knows Zalando for sure, but what make us appreciate it more this year 2021 is that they introduced Zalando Second Hand. Where you can sell the garments you have bought on Zalando and you no longer use. That’s a great idea for circularity. Zalando also offers al selection of filters when you buy something new so you can chose what’s best fits your values.

  1. Talia Collective 

Talia Collective help you find the items that match your own values providing product information and sustainability criteria. They aim to inspire shoppers and readers to take more steps towards conscious living. In their shop you can find these categories: Considerately Produced, Friendly Materials, Locally Crafted, Circularity-centred, Cruelty-free, Vegan, Give-back Culture and Water Usage. More over Talia Collective is a proud member of 1% for the Planet.

  1. Ethical Made Easy 

Ethical Made Easy motto is “A place where conscience collides with curation”, created in 2016, is a global platform that help you find the best conscious brands in the world today while bringing you the latest updates in ethical living to help you adopt a more ethical lifestyle for tomorrow.

Are you ready for sustainable shopping?