Falabella: story of the first luxury cruelty-free bag

Falabella Stella McCartney

The Stella McCartney‘s most wanted bag, Falabella was launched on the catwalks for the first time in the Winter of 2009 as a gesture of rebellion against the belief that luxury bags must be made from leather.

Stella McCartney grew up in the English countryside in contact with nature and surrounded by animals. These years and most of all the influence of her mother Linda Eastman, strong animal rights activist, will influence her creative flair and the ethics of her brand.

The Falabella bag takes its name from Stella’s favorite horse breed, a very small horse that reach a maximum of 80cm at the withers. This multifaceted bag is one of the first vegan and sustainable luxury bags, the exterior is hand-crafted vegan leather, the interior is made of recycled polyester also from plastic bottles and the chain that follows all the edges is made of aluminum, an infinitely recyclable material. This model is very versatile and can be worn on all occasions giving the look a gritty and a little punk touch. This has become a timeless classic of the 2000s fashion and we will continue to love it for decades and de

Stella shows us that it is always possible to combine fashion, luxury and a commitment to the environment.

You can find a the new monde on Stella McCartney e-commerce but if you are a real sustainablility warrior you che find this perfect cruelty free bag on Vestiare Collective or Vinted! Buying something is also an ideological action, buy what you believe in.

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Julio Falabella nel 1979 a passeggio con il suo cavallino mignon. AWWW GILBERT UZANGETTY IMAGES

Some of my favourite looks with my Falabella bag

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