FASH REV LAB – Upcycling Into The Future by Fashion Revolution Italia

On 5 May, I took part in the event organised by Fashion Revolution Italia at D-house by Dyloan, in Via Galileo Ferraris, Milan. An evening dedicated to upcycling, to sensitise the fashion industry to a more responsible, innovative and ethical future.
FASH REV LAB - Upcycling Into The Future

The future is ready to be upcycled and re-written

Yesterday I took part in the FASH REV LAB – Upcycling Into The Future organised by Fashion Revolution Italia in the splendid setting of the D-House Urban Innovation Laboratory
An event dedicated to upcycling (if you don’t know what upcycling is, click here!) with laboratories, workshops, designers, artisans, innovative machinery and many young people actively involved in changing the concept of fashion towards a more sustainable future.
With guests Matteo Ward, Marina Spadafora, Senator Emma Pavanelli and Eva Monachini of D-House, we talked about the innovation of the fashion of the future but above all about the commitment that needs to be implemented today for a more sustainable industry. Sustainability is 360 degrees, there is no environmental sustainability without social sustainability. That is why it is important to fight to ensure decent and fair pay for textile workers all over the world. 
“After two years of digital presence we are happy to come back with a big physical event,” said Marina Spadafora, country coordinator of Fashion Revolution Italia. “We thought and conceived FashRev Lab as an appointment to update our community on the progress made since 2013 and, at the same time, to show the innovative projects of designers and realities that have emerged in recent years and that fully espouse our social and environmental values.
The Hon. Emma Pavanelli, Senator and member of the Environment Commission of the Italian Senate, underlined the commitment from a legislative point of view to facilitate upcycling practices of recycled materials. Right now, guidelines are also being created at European level for entrepreneurs operating in the upcycling sector to help them in the materials recovery chain. 
D-house by Dyloan, an urban laboratory housed in the Lom-Locanda monumental workshop, has opened up its spaces and its three floors have become open-air laboratories in which to interact with designers intent on working with some of the most innovative technologies in the field of textiles, reusing and creating materials, clothes and accessories. 
D-house is a project by Dyloan, a manufacturing company since 1987, whose main objective is to bring innovation into the world of fashion. D-house by Dyloan combines tradition and modernity by using manual workmanship in combination with the most advanced technologies such as innovative 3D printers. They are the only ones in Italy to have a 3D resin printer, and another machine by the company Coloreel that embroiders using a single white thread of recycled polyester that is dyed in the embroidery process. 
Sponsor of the evening was Biova, a company that creates beer using unsold bread. The brand’s mission is to eliminate waste through the circular economy. 
An amazing initiative and an opportunity to meet the founders of the most promising upcycling brands on the Italian scene. 
Thanks to Fashion Revolution for their constant commitment to a better future for all!

Some pictures of the evening