The new S’wheat bottle, the first ever reusable bottle made from plants for the planet

The S’wheat bottle is the first ever reusable bottle made from plants that helps you stay hydrated while protecting the planet

S’wheat is an emerging brand created by Amee & Jake, two Youngs which focus their research on sustainability producing reusable bottles to reduce the amount of plastic produced per year globally.

Their new reusable designed in Scotland, is made from sustainably sourced plant materials like cut-down bamboo and wheat straw, that make it completely biodegradable. Moreover S’wheat bottle is durable, versatile, BPA-free and easy to clean.

For every sale they help remove plastics from oceans and help the reforestation planting a tree for every order.

Their new model has a unique push lock mechanism which help you carry it wherever you go linking it to your bag or backpack and the eco-material which is made of keeps your drinks both hotter and colder for longer.It’s light and easy to wear everywhere, I love bringing it with me hooking it to my baby carrier when I take long walks. The material is pleasant to the touch and the closure is convenient to drink even when you’re running.
I always carry it in the office so I remember that I have to drink at least 1 liter a day.

S’wheat core mission is to protect the ocean from plastic pollution, that’s why they challenge their self to creating new eco solutions and that’s how the create the world’s most eco-friendly bottle. 


We all know that “there is no Planet B”, but the S’wheat’s team is really taking action towards our ecological and environmental issues. You can sign up to their pre-launch waitlist, where once signed up you will be given a unique code to share with friends. The more friends you encourage to sign up the more discounts and rewards you will unlock, including free S’wheat bottles and other rewards. More friends, higher reward!

You can sign up to the waitlist here

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