ARM Augmenteg reality museum app

The museum's audioguide 2.0

ARM is the physical link, as a limb, and instrumental, between the visitor and the work of art. ARM is an intelligent audio guide; with an app for augmented reality, by framing the picture with the device, the work will be recognized and while listening to the audio, you will be able to enjoy additional multimedia contents that explain the work in detail.

The audio guide is designed to engage an audience of
all ages, to entertain younger visitors and thrill an older audience.
The App also gives you the ability to choose the level of content; switching from a beginner, with content for those with little knowledge of the sector, to an expert for those who are a true lover or connoisseur of art but still want to “review” some knowledge or discover some unpublished anecdotes about the work. 

Through Vuforia the works of art can become markers.
By framing them with the camera you will see the contents actually augmented. Unity will develop the app that acts only as an image recognizer that will be installed on
the iPods supplied to museums. Thus guaranteeing the museum a profit.