Fondazione Querini Stampalia
This brochure was created on the occasion of the exhibition Dire il tempo at the Querini Stampalia Foundation. The intent is to give the two artists the same visibility by placing them on the same level, without distinguishing the teacher and the pupil. For this reason, the two mirror hands are the opening words of two different possible readings of the brochure itself.

A simple A3 sheet folded in four gives the possibility to have 8 pages in A5 and different reading senses. On the back of each hand there is the biography of the author and a QR Code that links to the artist’s website.

Inside, a more graphic design is preferred, an in-depth study with extracts from critical texts or quotations. The space divided into two columns presents on the one hand the statement by Opalka, with a quotation from her, and on the other an extract from a critical text by the curator Chiara Bertola on the work of MariaTeresa Sartori and a quotation from the artist herself.

The QR Code on this page instead refers to the Querini Stampalia Foundation website.