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I’m Domiziana Montello and I’m a Media Designer, Content Editor and Copywriter. I’m passionate about slow fashion and conscious consumption.
I live a plant based life and I shop vegan and cruelty free produts. My purpose is to sensibilize people throughout these important topics and show that there’s always a sustainable and more ethical choice to our behavior as consumers. 


I am a Libra, Gemini ascendant

The search for beauty and aesthetic, has always been the focus of my research. My soul is divided in two: on one hand the image, colour and art; on the other, words and poetry. These two paths have always gone hand by hand; the constant goal is to be able to channel them in a single way, creating at 360 degrees.

From the visual concept to the copy, up to expanding and exploring all the digital transpositions of a project. From publishing to graphic design, from augmented reality to ux design; many tools whose only purpose is to communicate.

My background and work

From a bachelor’s in Italian and Latin literature to a second bachelor in Media Design at IED’s because the obsessive search for contemporaneity is what I pursue. A solid foundation feeds new stimulus. Stimuli that make me feel alive, in the spirit of the time, and projected into the future.

It is not enough to have something to say, you must have the tools to be able to express it in the best way to be truly and universally understood.

I work as a Freelance as SSM, Copywriter and UX Designer. In the past years, I have worked as ambassador and content creation for several brands. You can see my content here.

I you want to work together or just know something marabout me, let’s get in touch

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